National privacy principles and Osteopathy Central

Under the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, operation of the Privacy Act 1988 is extended to cover Australia’s private-health sector.

The legislation encompasses personal information whereby the sensitive nature of health information is recognised and extra protection is placed on how the information is handled. The legislation also includes national privacy principles for guiding how information about personal health is collected and used.

At Osteopathy Central

Collecting and storing personal information are important in provision of safe and effective osteopathic care. At your initial consultation and every subsequent consultation, the osteopath collects and records data. All recorded pieces of information, including medical reports from other sources, are held in your osteopathic medical record, which we store securely. At Osteopathy Central, anyone who handles patient information for any purpose is trained in handling sensitive information.

When do we disclose information?

We disclose information when we share your personal information with a third party. The practitioner asks you to give your consent to sharing the information and to contacting your GP or any other party as necessary.

Any third-party request for access to your records must be accompanied with a consent form that you’ve signed. We must confirm that you wish us to meet the request.

The only time we disclose information to a third party is when you’ve given your consent or Australian law overrides the provisions contained in the Privacy Act.

However, please note that when we’re processing your payments, personal information is disclosed to your credit-card company, bank and/or private health fund.

How we provide the information

When we disclose a person’s personal information, we can provide it in a number of ways, depending on the purpose of the request. Under the Act, provision is made for the information to be provided as a photocopy or summary report or by way of face-to-face discussion and explanation. We may charge a fee to meet our out-of-pocket expenses.

Online Privacy

Niall Casey and Osteopathy Central recognise and respect your right to confidentiality and are committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to this website.

Niall Casey and Osteopathy Central are the sole owners of any information collected on this website.
At no time will any information shared in confidence, be disclosed or sold to any third party without prior consent from you.

All information you may share with Osteopathy Central is considered for use to fulfil your requirements and to communicate with you.

Niall Casey retains the right to contact the person who has submitted information at any time via e-mail, or telephone unless otherwise specified.

Promotional e-mails may be sent out to any e-mail addresses supplied via the secure contact form. Should you prefer not to receive such e-mail, please contact Niall Casey and necessary steps will be taken to promptly remove you from any lists held.


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