Thorough and methodical

Niall resolves problems by being thorough and methodical. He cares about achieving good outcomes. Generous consultation times are set aside, to allow sufficient time for all aspects of assessment and treatment. A detailed written account of your problem and medical history is taken. The areas with symptoms are examined. Particular attention is paid to the way you hold and move your body. As Niall assesses, he looks for evidence of physical imbalance: muscular tensions, alignment inconsistencies and asymmetries. He examines movement quality, joint restriction or motion limitation, as well as, what movements produce symptoms. He considers the effect of how you hold and move your body on internal organs. Using his hands together with medical procedures of diagnosis, Niall can gain a complete picture of function within your body.

Plan for Treatment

Before any treatment is provided, you will be given a clear explanation of the problem and the opportunity to ask questions. Niall tells you whether treatment can help. He explains what treatment involves and any risks or side-effects. He outlines a treatment plan including how many treatments before relief of symptoms and how many further treatments before complete recovery. Your response to treatment is monitored, and you’ll be involved in discussion and decision making about treatment. Appointments are spaced at appropriate intervals to improve symptoms. This can reduce the need for pain relief medications more quickly. Niall has experience of treating many different conditions many times.

Gentle treatment

Niall is a registered osteopath whose particular interest is in cranial osteopathy. Cranial osteopathy is used to treat every part of the body, including treatment to the head and face. Cranial osteopathy treatment is gentle, hands-on and pain free. The techniques include soft supportive holds and light pressures applied to different parts of the body. Patients experience a reduction in physical tension. They can experience sensations of pressure or warmth under the osteopath’s hands or elsewhere in the body. The osteopath may compliment cranial treatment with gentle stretches and exercises to help your body return to balance. Cranial osteopathy treatment is normally provided at each consultation. Alongside hands-on therapy, he gives advice. Advice can include rest and activity recommendations, or home exercises, to help manage symptoms between consultations. He may also recommend other changes to help prevent the same problem recurring again. Prevention is an important aspect of cranial osteopathy assessment and treatment. Identifying, educating and advising on minor issues that could develop into problems in the future are some of the themes of Niall’s advice.

Continual assessment and review

At each consultation, Niall conducts a short assessment.  Examination findings and your feedback continually refine the diagnosis. If a condition is not progressing as anticipated, Niall will review it. Sometimes, new information about the problem emerges. A patient may notice that a certain activity, they regularly perform, exacerbates the problem. Or, they remember an incident from their past, an accident or fall, which impacts on the current problem. Once this new information is factored into the plan, results should improve. At other times, no explanation for a poor response to treatment can be found. In this case, blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound or other special investigations may be advised. Niall will refer you elsewhere for further investigation or other sources of treatment or help, if your symptoms are not improving.  He has wider knowledge of other types of healthcare and links to referrers and can communicate with your GP, if necessary.


Niall acts in a professional manner:

  • He takes your problem seriously and will treat you with respect.
  • He does not interrupt your consultation by answering the phone or attending to another person.
  • He treats one person at a time and will treat you throughout the course of therapy.
  • He makes every effort to run on time.
  • All information you provide is confidential

You can contact Niall between appointments if you have questions., . He aims to provide a friendly service and will be happy to help.

The information provided on this website is general information that describes aspects of osteopathy and the service provided at Osteopathy Central; it does not replace any health or medical advice given to you by a health professional.